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The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – int@j, is an ICT & IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry-support association founded in 2000 with the aim of improving the dynamics of Jordan's ICT and ITES market and developing the Jordan’s ICT and ITES related activities. Membership is open to all companies operating in Jordan in the fields of software development, support, application, telecommunications, digital content, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ICTES services, value-added assembly and distribution of ICT and ITES products and services, and is also open to the suppliers and users of these industries, along with universities and other parties supporting ICT and ITES training and promotion.

In response to a challenge put forward by his Majesty King Abdullah II in 1999, int@j directed its efforts at devising a comprehensive framework for Jordan's ICT sector, which resulted in the REACH initiative. REACH initiative aims at nurturing a vibrant, export-oriented, and internationally competitive ICT sector, through developing a regulatory framework, providing an enabling infrastructural environment, and offering advancement programs, Human Resource development and capital and finance. As a result, annual sector growth has risen to an estimated 25% over the past few years, its generated income representing approximately 14% of the country's GDP. Jordan's determination to establish itself as the region's ICT hub has pushed it to create a flourishing, supportive business environment, making it an ideal destination for investors. It is thus no wonder that many of the industry's major players, such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, Oracle, and France Telecom, have become investors.

Vision: Jordan to become a major regional ICT and ITES leader and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT and ITES products & services, capitalizing on its core human capital advantage

Mission: To provide members with a platform of products & services that support their continuous growth, expansion, and prosperity toward a mature sector that substantially contributes to the national economy and provides quality jobs for Jordanians

Value Proposition: the true value of int@j lies in its ability to bring the entire sector and stakeholders together under one umbrella and to provide members with a real return of their membership investment.

•    Advocate: int@j is the private sector voice and officially advocates private sector ICT and ITES business issues and concerns

•    Engage: int@j effectively places its members in the overall image of the dynamic and growing ICT and ITES industry and be involved in all sector activities, news, and events

•    Explore: int@j actively explores new grounds for local, regional, and global business opportunities

•    Network: int@j opens channels to meet incoming foreign delegations and participate in outgoing visits and delegations

•    Reference: int@j is a reliable information provider for the market and provides up to date trends

•    Build: int@j works closely with members on certifications and niche training opportunities.


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