Sky Software's Quality & Guest Service Solutions announces Mega Project at Anjum Hotel Makkah
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Sky Software's quality and guest service solutions were recently implemented at Anjum Hotel Makkah; one of the biggest hotels in the Middle East with 1800 guest rooms and suites. The project aimed at helping the hotel provide their guests with the best instant services and experience using a variety of Sky Software’s professional quality management and guest service solutions that are especially tailored to serve the hotel needs and meet their requirements. The solutions included Horizon Quality Management (Horizon QMS), Horizon QMS Glitch Management, and Horizon QMS Mobile applications, which have created a solid base for the service departments to track, follow up and manage guest requests and incidents instantly from any location through tablets and smart phones. Moreover, the hotel management was highly satisfied with Horizon QMS Dashboard, which enabled monitoring the overall operational services’ performance at the hotel through an instant, real time and quick identification for essential services KPIs. Horizon QMS Guestlink (G-Link) was also a distinctive add-on, as it provided the hotel management with a better tool to enhance the communication process with the hotel guests through a set of customized and direct feedback questions and notifications sent to the concerned departments and HODs. Additionally, Sky Horizon Engineering and Maintenance Management System (Horizon EMS) has helped the Engineering Department at the hotel in handling engineering and preventive maintenance tasks, energy meter readings and consumptions easily and automatically through its advanced features and reports.

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