STS Supports the Smart Government of Dubai and Develops the New Inspection App for RTA
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STS, the leading company in providing complete all rounded Information Technology (IT) solutions in Jordan and the region, announced the release of a new smart application developed for the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. The Smart App enables parking inspectors to identify cars that violate public street parking laws in the emirate efficiently and with ease, using their smart phones. This new service comes as the Authority seeks the best and easiest ways to simplify work procedures for the beneficiaries of the service. The Smart App works on improving satisfaction of parking inspectors in the emirate of Dubai, enhancing work productivity on the field, in addition to the wide range of features it offers such as: storage of vehicle data adhering to the public street parking law, notifying parking inspectors of vehicles that violate the parking law, identifying the geographical location of violating vehicles efficiently and with ease, in addition to enhancing quality of photos captured of violating vehicles, a feature which when handling complaints enables response and closure within the defined timeframe. The General Manager of Software Products and Solutions at STS, Mr. Ahmad Masadeh, expressed his pride with the company as it plays an important role in implementing the RTA’s strategy, which is in line with the goals of developing the smart government for the emirate of Dubai. Mr. Masadeh added that the Public Parking App is one of the widest in inspection scope as it covers around 125 thousand parking slots and 5 parking buildings of multiple levels from one operation center. The App also services a wide segment of society in a way that helps meet the vision of RTA in an ideal fashion. Mr. Masadeh, also said that cooperating with RTA is a pride for our partnership, and that seeing the project through is due to the exceptional work the STS team has done, and the result of the strong partnership with RTA in Dubai. And in a separate press release published by RTA, CEO of Traffic and Roads Corporation at RTA, Engineer Maitha bin Adi stated that the new Smart App enables parking inspectors in the emirate of Dubai to notify and upload reports about any notice from the field in a smart electronic manner, in addition to facilitating the jobs of administrative supervisors through their corresponding functions on the App, which has a great significance in lifting work procedures of the Authority.

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