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Fast Order Programming CO (MariaSoft )
332001 Installation of communications equipment, 332002 Installation of mainframe and similar computers, 5820 Software publishing, 6110 Wired telecommunications activities, 6120 Wireless telecommunications activities, 6201 Computer programming activities, 6202 Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities, 6311 Data processing hosting and related activities, 6312 Web portals, C001 ICT Related Training
Cross Cutting Solutions
Software, Hardware, Networking, Digital Content, Online Application, Mobile Applications, Outsourcing
1. Chiliways - Lybia & Jordan. 2. zCakeShop - Jordan. 3. Aram Restaurant - Jordan.
MariaSoft is one of the major IT solution providers in Jordan and the overall region, formed in 2013 by a group of professional key-founders who are focused on client satisfaction and have a long track record in software development and business solutions. Headquartered in Amman-Jordan, focusing on Gulf market, MariaSoft provides its services and products to various sectors. MariaSoft excels in products and custom software development in various areas such as mobile application, web applications, desktop applications, enterprise application integration, and outsourcing, as well as training and consultation.
1. Order@ : Restaurants Orders Management. 2. Consultants. 3. Training.

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Khalda - Wasfi Al-Tal St. - Dahnoon Complex 233 - Office No. 206
00962 6 5540806
00962 6 5540709

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Anas Qasim Bataineh
00962 6 79 9886766


Anas Qasim Bataineh
Anas Qasim Bataineh
Anas Qasim Bataineh
Anas Qasim Bataineh
Anas Qasim Bataineh
Areej Omar Al-Hawari
Anas Qasim Bataineh
Anas Qasim Bataineh
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