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Leading Point
6201 Computer programming activities
Cross Cutting Solutions
- Nawras (Omani Qatari Telecommunications Provider), Oman - FRiENDi mobile Group(UAE, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) - Virgin Mobile, South Africa
Leading Point Software LTD is a world-class company with a regional focus supplying comprehensive IT solutions and consulting services. The company is focused on bringing satisfaction, excellence, and top of the notch technologies together to the benefit of the client. Our services span a wide range of high quality offerings.
- Order Management System (OMS) - Leading Integration Front-End (LIFE) - Dealer Relationship Management System (DRMS) - SMS Gatway

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Khalda Amman, Jordan
00962 6 5349980
00962 6 5349180

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Feras Arafeh
00962 6 534 9980
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