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Sky Software
6201 Computer programming activities
Information and Media
Hospitality Market in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Mauritius.
Sky Software is known as a major provider of advanced solutions and associated professional services covering development and customization, project management and implementation, interfacing with major international systems, as well as customer care.
- Hotel Management - Online Booking Systems - Restaurant Management - Point of Sale Systems - Financial Management - Human Resources Management - Fixed Assets Management - Food, Beverage & Materials Management - Customer Relationship Management - Membership & Spa Management - Quality & Service Management - Engineering & Maintenance Management - Telephone Managemen

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31 Ahmad Tarawina Str.
00962 65339616
00962 65338138

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Mr. Ammar Shunnar
00962 65339616
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