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Electronic Health Solutions
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Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) is a non-profit, innovative, technology–driven company. It works on transforming the concepts and practices of health and medical care in Jordan through the provision of automation solutions that enhance the quality and efficiency of health care offerings. The company has been established in early 2009. It focuses on deploying effective and proven technologies that leverage the best clinical practices to serve public health in Jordan. EHS will be implementing a number of projects that are expected to have a quick and lasting impact on the health sector. Over the next five years, the company will concentrate its efforts on successfully implementing its flagship program "Hakeem".
"Hakeem" Program: "Hakeem" is the first national e-Health initiative in Jordan. The program aims to facilitate efficient and improved healthcare to patients, by providing real time and up to date electronic medical information throughout the public hea

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King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein Street - King Hussein Business Park - Building No.11
00962 6 5800461
00962 6 5800464
4408 Amman 11953

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Mrs. Shaden Qandil
00962 6 5800461


Eng. Rami Adwan
Mrs. Shaden Qandil
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