Jordan's Healthcare ICT Task Force

Healthcare ICT Taskforce is private sector lead by The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan- (Int@j) that is supported by King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and Cisco Systems International. This innovative business was launched in November 2011 with an aim in boosting ICT companies’ innovation in healthcare sector through building the capacities of the Jordanian ICT companies in developing cutting-edge solutions and services in the healthcare industry, with a vision to promote Jordanian Healthcare ICT technologies and companies regionally and internationally.

While Jordanian ICT is a growing industry and has shown substantial growth since 1999, and accommodated more than 15,000 direct jobs, and more than 80,000 ones between direct, indirect and induced. It was evident that Jordan should take a leap forward and introduce IT into the healthcare system. Healthcare ICT Taskforce focuses its attention on supporting the strategic needs of Healthcare IT leaders in hospitals, medical groups, and health systems providing them with actionable strategies and tactics to achieve their organizations’ goals and improve care quality.

Healthcare ICT has become a significant international trend where experts have identified the use of ICT as a solution towards developing and organizing new ways of providing efficient healthcare services, accordingly. Subsequently, this was seen as an opportunity to tap into and build on Jordan’s recognized efforts in both ICT & Healthcare industries. The mission to create and maintain both a regional and internationally acknowledged brand to promote Jordan’s healthcare ICT capabilities and offerings will be evident mainly through:

  • Work with and maintain relationships with the international players in the domain (Cisco, HP, GE)
  • Support national efforts and maintain enhanced health services in Jordan through innovation and utilize R&D for such support.
  • Continuously aligning with national ICT strategies and e-health
    strategies locally, regionally, and internationally. Therefore, defining a comprehensive model for the Healthcare ICT Taskforce that aims at building capacity in Jordan’s Health ICT cluster and transforming the Jordanian Healthcare ICT cluster into a well-established and reputable industry in the region.

Our Stakeholders & Partners

Stakeholders & Partners, Contributing the Healthcare ICT Ecosystem:

The main stakeholders for Healthcare ICT Taskforce are:

  • Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • Ministry of Information Communication Technology (MoICT)
  • int@j
  • Fund Providers
  • Hakeem (EHS)
  • JHI
  • JIB
  • EDCO
  • ICT Companies in Health
  • Insurance Companies
  • Medical Care Providers
  • Universities.

One of the main taskforce drivers is the alignment with the national ICT goals related to increasing ICT jobs, increasing ICT sector revenues from exports, and increasing innovation and R&D practices in the ICT industry, in addition to many other drivers that contributed to the decision of maturing our industry, driving the diffusion of ICT in many economic verticals, where we have started with the Healthcare ICT industry, riding the Jordan hike as renowned ICT expertise & Healthcare services, follow global trends for more automated healthcare industry, growing int@j mandate to support organizations that largely base their business model on ICT, and surely to exploit existing efforts and initiatives through providing productive and collaborative environment.

Healthcare ICT Taskforce will set an implementable set of actions to proactively and efficiently develop a sustainable effective strategy. The strategy implementation roadmap will set out a professional taskforce to implement these strategies in a systematic and practical manner with explicit timeline.

To ensure the highest of effectiveness, efficiency, and optimization of operations, the ICT sectors’ obligation is to integrate this into other vertical sectors to be aligned with the rapid changes and technological demands taking part in today’s world. Thus creating a modernized business environment that has embedded ICT into vertical sectors’ core functions.

Our vision is to promote Healthcare ICT technologies regionally and internationally. While working with many local Jordanian companies, we will promote our undivided attention on supporting the strategic needs of Healthcare IT leaders in hospitals, medical groups, and health systems providing them with strategies and tactics to achieve their organizations’ goals and improve care quality. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with all clients while providing competitive and standardized solutions customized for their needs of each of our clients. We guarantee continuous development by providing a rich environment with cutting edge solutions. In conclusion we will facilitate and solidify your value chain by supporting technology with enabling services as consulting, capacity building and R&D.

Our Members

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