Jordan Skills Standardization Organization (JSSO)
Human resources are the raw material and fundamental development and growth input into the ICT sector.
The challenges the sector faces mainly include finding the right resources with the right knowledge despite the high number of annual graduates in ICT from different universities. Outdated universities curricula and lack of soft skills and awareness of global technology trends form key challenges to employment of fresh graduates. 
A significant part of the solution of the above problems is the private, public, and academia program; Through Jordan Skills Standardization Organization (JSSO) , there will be a continuous work on bridging the gap between universities’ graduates and private sector requirements in addition to work on skilling unemployed resources according to the unique sector needs and trends.
The mission of the JSSO is to bridge the skills gap between the supply of universities’ graduates and the requirements of the employers in Jordan by setting and maintaining skills and occupational standards, enabling the quality development of ICT talent, and increasing sector and labor market transparency and intelligence.  

Occupational Profile

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