Jordan Launches its 2nd Phase of ICT and Outsourcing Development during the Arab Outsourcing Conference
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On the first day of the Arab Outsourcing Conference in Dubai on May 09, 2011, Jordan launched its 2nd phase of ICT and Outsourcing development including but not limited to a new Zone in Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan, capitalize on the city youth population, availability of top universities, and the recently open Development Zone to further support the development of the promising Business Process Outsourcing Industry.
Capitalizing on Jordan’s High quality, well educated, and ICT trained workforce, advanced education system, Competitive cost structure, location within the Arab region as convenient time zone and gateway to the Middle East, language neutrality, and investor-friendly business environment with world class infrastructure, incentives and business parks, Jordan has been moving steadily for the past 12 years in ICT and Business Process Outsourcing, today Jordan is the hub for professional ICT and Outsourcing services to the region from local, international, and multinational vendors and providers.
Mr. Abed Shamlawi, CEO of the ICT and Outsourcing Association – int@j commented “The Arab Outsourcing Conference is an annual conference in Dubai focusing on the new trends and opportunities in outsourcing in the Arab region, Jordan is a pioneer in this area and has been progressing well over the years and we invite you to visit and do business with us, and our brand is “Turn to Jordan – Your Smart Destination” .
The sector also enjoys a close public-private partnership between the different stakeholders representing the industry from the ICT and Outsourcing Association of Jordan – int@j, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology – MoICT, Development and Free Zones Commission, Jordan Investment Board, and support programs under the USAID Jordan Economic Development Program.
Furthermore, Jordan is launching Training Programs for outsourcing services in order to better equip human resources with the necessary skills for the Outsourcing Industry, the program will be launched by the ICT and Outsourcing Association of Jordan – int@j and partnership of the different stakeholders in the industry.
Considering Jordan’s experience in ICT and Outsourcing over the past 12 years, the sector has been the fastest growing sector in the country’s economy with an average of 25% year-on-year growth, contributing approximately 14% to GDP, and impacting more than 80,000 jobs in total between direct, indirect, and induced jobs.
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