Jordan’s Financial ICT Taskforce

It is the belief of various stakeholders that Jordan stands a good chance to become a leader in Financial ICT Technologies in the region. The Taskforce main objectives is to advance Jordan’s financial ICT cluster capacity and promote the Jordanian Financial ICT Technologies and companies on a local, regional, and international scale.

The Financial ICT Taskforce aims to:

• Organizing Financial ICT cluster under int@j to promote knowledge sharing and marketing.
• Accelerating the growth of Financial ICT companies through a platform of cooperation.
• Creating a point of reference for global and regional leaders wishing to partner with Jordan’s Financial ICT cluster.
• Building capability of Jordanian Financial ICT companies and their teams on trends and new technologies. • Clarify directions for this industry in Jordan and the region,(Banking technologies, Financial Solutions, E-payments, M-payments, M-banking, M-commerce)
• Discuss and find solutions for the laws and regulations that limit the development in Finance, Banking, and Payment industry.
• Positioning Jordan as the region leader in financial software development industry.
• Apply world class standards in ICT companies to be always on the same page with global newest technologies.
• Involve Payment Technology in other industries (Insurance, facilities and services, billers, retailers, . . . etc)
• Establish business development plan for Financial, Banking, and Payment technology in Jordan and potential markets.
• Increase the awareness of this promising industry.
Define stakeholder’s roles.

The Financial ICT Taskforce main goals are:

• Create new local opportunities.
• Export Financial ICT technologies to the region.
• Create Jobs.
• Create integrated solutions in the Financial ICT area.
• Expand the regional awareness for Jordanian financial products, services, and applications.
• Participate in regional conferences. The Financial ICT Taskforce Stakeholders are:
• Jordanian ICT Companies
• Jordanian Banks
• Payment Networks
• Central bank of Jordan
• Association of Banks in Jordan
• Telecom Operators
• Research Companies
• Financial Services Companies

 Technology Providers Financial ICT Growth Challenges:

• Information Management and Provision
• Cost Control
• Trust and Brand Management
• Volume and revenue Growth
• Liquidity Cash Flow
• Business Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Product Development • Payment Systems Fitness
• Right Sourcing
• Disruptive Market
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Compliance


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