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Serving members to support their growth and continuous development is at the core of int@j’s mission and values,as the association determines its success by the degree of positive impacts it generates for members in specific and for the ICT and ICTES sectors in general.

The list of int@j’s services grows long as each member organization is served to satisfy its specific needs. Yet, and generally speaking, the association’s services are grouped into these categories:

The mission of int@j is to promote the success of the ICT and ICT enabled services sector on regional and international levels, which can be achieved by enhancing the related business environment and having all related stakeholders working in harmony to support the sector to raise its competitiveness and enhance its growth on the regional and international levels.

One of int@j’s most important objectives is to “Advocate Industry Issues” for both ICT and ITES industries and promote public private sectors dialogue through structured Advocacy Framework, through which will contribute to forming a pro-active coalition with stakeholders and ensure constructive dialogue with the government. Such framework includes managing industry stakeholders’ relations and resolving industry conflicts, building and reinforcing bridges among association members, and acting as a liaison between association members and government, media, universities, NGOs and donors.

Through an effective and well-established advocacy and lobbying mechanism, int@j and its members play a key and participatory role in influencing national policy-making that impacts ICT and ITES. The association’s efforts, thus far had very tangible impacts on eliminating legislative boundaries and hurdles that otherwise would have hampered the sector’s development and progress. int@j advocacy efforts are mostly tracked in the following main areas: Investment and business environment, Taxation and its impact on various ICT subsectors & related emerging industries, Customs and customs clearance process, Education and academia, Labor and social security, Regulatory frameworks and sector governance.

Exploring new markets through trade missions and business delegations to create business opportunities for members are the key focus of int@j’s marketing programs. Moreover, int@j is committed to continuously promote and strengthen relations between the ICT & ITES sectors and emerging industries such as health, education, and banking to foster mutual benefits through the diffusion of ICT & ITES in these key industries.

int@j has established a “Market Research & Information function as part of int@j’s Business & Exports Development Initiative, to help put together indicative market information on some regional destinations of priority to our industry based on credible sources and following standardized research process.

int@j provides its members with proper tools to promote themselves and enhance their reach out; through managing their own accounts on int@j’s website (add news, announcements, events...etc). In addition to a section dedicated to promoting services of int@j members to other member companies, daily newsletter including latest ICT highlights, trends, news and events from local, region and international markets is sent to our members to keep them aware of all that.

Human resources are and will always remain the ICT and ITES sectors’ most critical assets and competitive advantage. int@j therefore supports continuous capacities development projects to provide its members with opportunities that strengthen their technical and managerial skills by means of techniques that are in par with latest global developments and trends.

As the sector’s representative, int@j boasts the ability to forge alliances with numerous partners for the purpose of providing members with value-added services that reduce costs, maximize benefits, and generate increased exposure. int@j negotiated special arrangements with professional service providers to offer services at discounted rates exclusively for member companies. Interested companies can contact for more information on each service.


int@j’s corporate services:

Corporate health insurance services

int@j has been focusing on consolidating ICT companies’ health insurance plans under one umbrella, streamlining the relationship between ICT companies and health insurance providers. Through a competitive process, int@j coordinated remarkable packages to suite member companies’ requirements.

Recruitment Packages

int@j and launched a career platform to empower employers in the ICT industry to efficiently hire the perfect talent and help ICT professionals find job vacancies that match their skills. int@j members have the privilege to search for CV & post Job opening for free on int@j records, and can get benefit of Bayt Packages with discounted rate for int@j members, check

Regional & local RFP

int@j's weekly newsletter presents highlights and trends of ICT industry, for daily updated list of available RFP in Jordan and regional markets.

Legal Advisory Service

int@j members have the opportunity to obtain professional legal services on discounted retainer base on the full cost of the corporate legal advisory services, from the following trusted members:

Financial and taxation advisory services

int@j members will have the opportunity to obtain Financial and taxation advisory services on discounted retainer based on the full cost of the corporate financial and tax advisory services, from the following trusted members:

Market Information services

int@j established a Market Research & Information function as part of int@j’s Business & Exports Development Initiative to help put together indicative market information on featured regional destinations of priority to our industry based on credible sources and following a standardized research process, reports are offered exclusively to member companies at special rates.

int@j reports are offered in special rates for members, available market reports:

Public Relations services

int@j members have the opportunity to obtain professional public relations services with up to 30% discounted rate based on the full cost of the service, from the following trusted providers:
  • ICT Industry Statistics: Jordan’s ICT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) sector has come a long way in the past years and has achieved a great deal of accomplishments in which we can all take great pride. ICT and ITES are among the government’s highest priorities, and will continue to contribute to the Jordanian economy.

To demonstrate the sector’s growth in terms of numbers and to determine the growth in market size, exports, investments, and employment, the Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) complete and publicsh the ICT and ITES Sector Classification and Statistics on annual basis to provide clear and accurate references on Jordan's ICT and ITES sector size and magnitude.

  • ICT Sector Competencies, Skills, and Needs Assessment: a biennial industry study published by int@j; aiming to assess the market and industry needs of ICT sector, to be reflected in the outcomes of the ICT related fields at the Jordanian Universities through regular revision of their curricula.


  • ICT Sector Profile: Capitalizing on its robust and liberal economy, its stability and security, its immense human capital, and its quality of life, coupled with the ongoing economic development process, Jordan is well positioned as a regional investment center generally and in specific for ICT.

Decades of sound macroeconomic management and sustained structural reform including legislative, regulatory, and judicial reforms have positioned Jordan as a magnet for capital and an attractive platform for business profitability. Prudent fiscal and monetary policies have enabled healthy and sustained economic growth, reduced external debt, while inflation has been kept at low levels.

  • BPO Sector Profile: Jordan offers all the essential elements needed for a global firm to establish a regional hub for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT Outsourcing (ITO) or Research and Development. Jordan’s strength lies in its human capital being one of the most highly qualified and competitive workforce in the region.
  • Country Profile: Jordan is strategically situated at the convergence of the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is therefore an ideal gateway for the MENA region and beyond. The country also boasts high political and economic stability.
  • ICT Business Guidebook: Jordan’s ICT Business Guide is the main reference for established companies and companies planning to open business and invest in the ICT sector in Jordan, the guide provides information on the sector related dynamics, challenges and opportunities, as well as business and legislative environment, and requirements, in addition to learning the various operational requirements for existing companies to expand and export.

As int@j’s community of members grows stronger each month, the association provides ample networking opportunities for companies and stakeholders to engage, share experiences, foster alliances, and interact. int@j therefore delivers many of its services through seminars, workshops, and other events that cultivate opportunities to network such as int@j’s ICT & ITES Connect events, cluster meeting and numerous receptions.



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