ICT in Education Cluster

The ICT in Education Cluster is meant to be an open platform of Jordanian ICT companies operating in the education sector under the umbrella of int@j led by number of stakeholders, among which is mainly the Jordan Education Initiative JEI.

The Cluster main objective is to advance Jordanian ICT companies capacity in further developing, launching and promoting competitive ICT Technologies in Education on a local, regional, and international scales.


The ICT in Education Cluster aims towards:

  1. Complementing and facilitating the ICT in Education ecosystem to maximize role and benefits
  2. Establishing a unique ICT model in Education to drive needs and innovation regionally & internationally
  3. Developing competitive Jordanian ICT in Education products and services
  4. Promoting knowledge sharing and cooperation among cluster members & stakeholders
  5. Accelerating the growth of ICT companies in Education through marketing and exports.
  6. Creating a brand & a point of reference for global and regional leaders wishing to partner with Jordan’s ICT in Education main players.
  7. Building capability of Jordanian ICT companies in Education and their teams on latest trends and new technologies
  8. Assisting in local advocacy efforts to support education sector reformation through technology.
  9. Encouraging educational content creation to be enabled through various technologies.


The Education ICT Cluster main goals are:

  • Create a unique brand and model of ICT in Education to become a regional point of reference
  • Develop Jordan ICT in Education model exports and markets out reach
  • Enable innovative ICT solutions in Education
  • Attract investments and funds for ICT in Education in Jordan
  • Contribute to the advancement of education systems through technology.


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