Globitel Launches its New Website
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Globitel, a leading telecom and customer engagement solutions provider, announced today the launch of its new, revamped website; The site was developed to be responsive and compatible with handheld devices, along with the addition of new sections. 
The new has an improved functionality and richer content focused on the diversity of the Company’s software solutions and services offerings. Globitel is widely famous for the quality of solutions and software it provides, most of which are developed with efficient and user-friendly web interfaces. “We are excited about being able to showcase our offerings and profile, in the robust way our new website provides to our partners and clients.” Commented Sharif Nabulsi, Globitel’s CEO.
 Globitel has 4 categories of solutions; Roaming, Mobility, Customer Interaction Management and Workforce optimization. And the new one includes the Global Services category Globitel offers to its clients, along with an enhanced careers portal. The new design offers easier navigation between the company’s offerings; built with interactive and simple web design language .
Globitel also added the Media Center menu which includes their press releases and international events participation, for clients to stay up to date with the company’s latest developments and movements.
 Nabulsi added “As we are continuously renovating and upgrading our products and service to use the latest technologies and market trends, we felt the need to renovate our website to reflect the new changes”

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