Business Process Outsourcing Cluster

The Middle East and North Africa is emerging as a key off-shoring region because of its large, well educated population and its proximity to Europe.

Positioned as the gateway to the Middle East and to the GCC in specific, Jordan is emerging today as an ideal global outsourcing destination that offers a unique value proposition embedded in its proactive governmental support, accessible location to support multiple regions, a young and growing talent pool, investor friendly regulations, and a modern and progressive society. Nonetheless, key requirements are needed to further develop Jordan‘s BPO such as building the workforce capacity, enhancing business infrastructure, building telecom reliability while controlling costs, developing industry specialization, improving government incentives and regulatory framework, and last but not least, improving market position, access, and visibility.

The vision of int@j‘s BPO Chapter is for Jordan‘s BPO sector to evolve into a regional primary hub for specialized and high quality BPO services that serve global clients targeting Arabic speaking clients and lead Jordan‘s BPO Industry to its full potential.

The mission of int@j‘s BPO Chapter is to support the growth and maturity of Jordan‘s BPO industry by acting for and on behalf of the sector through positively influencing policy and legislation, marketing the sector, and providing members with value-added services that help them grow and prosper into a mature sector that contributes toward the economy‘s well-being.

The true value proposition of the Cluster lies in that it provides its members with a forum to meet, network, share common issues and concerns, and contribute in policy making matters that relate to well-being of Jordan‘s BPO sector. An equal important value proposition is the Cluster‘s ability to effectively lobby and advocate on behalf of the sector. The Cluster therefore needs to focus on the strength and effectiveness of its advocacy programs to establish and maintain the perception as being the private sector‘s true representative for the BPO sector in Jordan.

The Cluster‘s objectives focus on growing local business process outsourcing to become an evident and competitive global industry, acting as the private sector‘s hand that represents the interest of Jordan-based outsourcing firms, being the primary point of contact for outsourcing service buyers and investors, playing an active role in the development of a qualified and sustainable workforce for the sector, identifying Jordanian BPO companies, providing members with value-added services, and assisting member service providers to increase their competitive advantages and develop differentiated and value-added service offerings for target markets.

To satisfy these objectives and ultimately deliver on the Cluster‘s mandate, the following are the main responsibilities of the BPO Cluster:

  •     Advocate for the advancement of the BPO industry
  •     Creating and facilitating communication channels with stakeholders, counterparts and partners
  •     Carry out local and regional marketing activities, and carefully planned business development efforts to develop and attract investment
  •     Provide training and capacities building programs
  •     Effect standardization, certification and quality control
  •     Provide industry research and market information
  •     Capitalize on national initiatives, strategies, and programs
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