Business Clusters
Business Clusters & Taskforces

int@j Value Proposition, under which its services & projects/ programs are formulated:

  • Corporate Life Cycle & Maturity Development: int@j services are designed & packaged to support companies’ growth throughout their business life cycle starting from micro to small, up to large enterprises.
  • Sector Development & Business Environment: focusing on sector main pillars’ & segments’ development through national programs & projects for enhancing competitiveness, innovation & economic growth with the support of the ICT & ICTES sector main stakeholders and partners.

To achieve our value proposition, int@j has identified main areas of focus, together formulating what we call the “ICT Sector Development Engine”, aiming at accelerating the development of main emerging industries/segments under ICT, and enhancing our sector innovation & competitiveness, these areas are:

  • Human Resources: aiming at creating a reliable and sustainable pool of resources that will enhance employment rates
  • Export Development: aiming at increasing regional markets penetration, enhancing our companies/ products positioning & visibility, and enabling sector scalability
  • IP & Innovation: aiming at diffusing ICT in other industries to create an edge in our sector offerings, and cater for the regional gaps in certain niches, and through capturing existing IP to be properly packaged for commercialization
  • Investments Attraction: aiming at creating a main financing channel that will contribute to raising our existing companies’ maturity, exposure, and readiness to compete regionally and internationally.

In order to properly start this engine to reach its goals, int@j has introduced a new concept & mechanism ultimately linked with economic development, to support in developing emerging industries/ segments & niche areas under ICT, through the creation of specialized business clusters & taskforces:

Purpose of these Clusters & Taskforces is to Group ICT sector companies based on their specialization, value added services, and interest, and based on emerging & niche industries, in order to:

  • Support ICT diffusion in vertical sectors, and creating specialized products
  • Influence and induce R&D & Innovation based on trends
  • Support corporate maturity development based on related business segment
  • Encourage joint efforts among companies within same segment
  • Cultivate related business & exports development activities
  • Enhance companies business standards & services quality
  • Enhance companies contribution to sector’s growth strategies
  • Join forces with all stakeholders, and harmonize crossing national initiatives
  • Enhance investment readiness, and encourage long term investments and partnerships

The general main role of these clusters & taskforces is to be a:

  • Catalyst
    Catalyze the deployment of Jordanian potentials regionally and internationally and hence the of growth of the companies
  • Promoter
    Promotes and markets the Jordanian specialized ICT subsectors as a whole at a regional and international levels
  • Motivator
    Motivates collaboration and cooperation between Jordanian companies as well as local initiatives
  • Enabler
    Enables building capacity of the specialized ICT Subsectors
  • Facilitator
    Facilitates streaming funds and connecting fund providers with the companies

Current Existing Taskforces & Clusters are:

  • Healthcare ICT Taskforce
  • Creative Industries Cluster (Content, Games, Media)
  • BPO and Outsourcing Cluster


  • Financial ICT Cluster
  • Energy ICT Cluster
  • Education ICT Cluster
Overview of existing Taskforces & Clusters Creative Industries Cluster [New Media]

This cluster aims at recognizing the value of the creative industries in general as potential industries that are brain and HR intensive, that could contribute to the knowledge economy development, through proper packaging of these industries’ offerings, and through driving Jordan’s niche in such areas by building on Jordan’s emerging media and digital content industries that are major components of the creative industries’ groups. Whereby, the cluster will link all stakeholders, initiatives, and financing sources focused on these various emerging components to better plan for them to serve a larger context that will add value to our economy.

Over the past 3-4 years in Jordan, the boom of Digital Content and New Media have been growing exponentially, which reflected on Jordan’s rankings and growth in these areas. As a change, Jordan’s private sector was able to plant solid ground roots in such areas with no dependency on government spending or recognition, as the nature of such industries cannot be easily controlled within certain borders and its outreach and dynamics are high.

Accordingly, our cluster is focusing on Jordan’s niche, “Digital Content, Games, Media, Screens - (NEW MEDIA)”, to provide a platform for all related stakeholders to communicate and network, help mature their level of thinking to become more business and economically oriented, and most of all build on Jordan’s niches in these areas that can lead Jordan ahead of the game in the MENA region in the Creative Industries, and properly create the right environment to support other upcoming niches under the creative industries groups to get out of its bubble.

The Creative Industries Cluster, will focus On:

  • Enabling national direction that encourage innovation through promoting the creative industries as main contributor to the creative knowledge based economy
  • Increasing visibility of potential opportunities from the emerging media and digital content industries and its linkage with the screens industry
  • Highlighting & capturing active creative industries in the country to capitalize on and help build related business and economic models around it
  • Realizing business potential from proper placement and integration among emerging creative industries

The Cluster Role to support New Media as a niche area, will be to:

  • Create the ecosystem and platform to enable active and niche creative industries, and their linkage, mainly NEW MEDIA industries & Screens Industry.
  • Identify the New Media value chain & value proposition to create its brand to position Jordan as a regional leader in this area.
  • Develop a high level roadmap and identify related priorities to push for under the taskforce to enable its growth
  • Build an effective acceleration model to be rolled out to other niches under the ‘Creative Industries Cluster’

The high level economic model of the “Creative Industries Cluster” is as follows:


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