Ambassador Alice G. Wells visits int@j
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Amman- Her Excellency the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Ms. Alice G. Wells visited the Information and Communication Technology Association of Jordan- int@j offices on Monday where she met int@j’s board members , the Chief Executive officer (CEO) Mr. Nidal Bitar and the int@j staff
During her visit, Ambassador Wells was briefed with a presentation about Jordan's ICT sector, where she was updated about market improvements, Jordan’s ICT and ITES related activities and Performance, int@j’s role in advancing the ICT Sector in Jordan in addition to int@j’s Strategic Initiatives Toward growing the ICT Sector, and positioning Jordan as a regional ICT hub.
Ambassador Wells discussed issues with the board members and staff of common interest between both parties. As Jordan has taken very serious steps in order to launch its major ICT initiatives aiming at developing the ICT sector.
Ambassador Wells has expressed admiration for the achievements of Information and Communications technology sector in Jordan, mentioning that the US administration will continue to support int@j’s efforts toward further success adding that Jordan is a developing country with highly educated human resources, besides the fact that it is improving in different fields while striding to increase its competitive advantage over other countries in the region.

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